Foot Torture

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Foot torture is more painful than torturing other areas of the body because soles of the feet are extremely sensitive to touch due to a high concentration of nerve endings. Needle torture and bastinado are extremely painful but good for female humilation.

Breast Punishment

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Punishing a female slave with breast torture is a good way of slave education. She feels the pain also after the session and won’t forget her mistake.

Needle Torture

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Dr Pain is out of house and his partner does his job. His job is punishing nasty slaves. Dr Pain’s partner likes needle torture to punish the slaves. His punishment is very painful.


[nggallery id=15] Lexa is masturbating although she is not allowed to do that. Her Master binds her and she becomes more agressive because she needs sex 🙂

Shiny Whipped I

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Shiny is a wild slave who needs whipping to become calm. Wild girls must be punished really painful.

Spank Education

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Gina is a nasty girl. She doesn’t learn anything when you teach her normally. So we find out the best education way for her. Spank 🙂


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Natascha went to work. Suddenly a woman and a man kidnapped her. Now she gets out of the car and can runaway. But they catch her again and punish her for her runaway.

Teen Spank

[nggallery id=14] Ama and Kelly like doing homework as in school. Their teacher spanks the schoolgirls to make them more successful in school. So Ama and Kelly do it same way as their teacher.

Helle Whipped

[nggallery id=13] Helle likes and needs humilation constantly. She likes to be tortured, whipped and spanked. You can see in her photo album.

Champagne Breakfast

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Karin likes to drink her own pee. She was educated to drink any pee but her own pee is like champagne for her. This is the best and easiest way having a Champagne Breakfast.