Spank for slave Education

With the wagging of a woman’s tail, one means in Turkish the seduction of a man by the woman. Every MasterDaPain’s slave is his whore and must therefore always be seductive. So each of his slaves must be able to wag their tails well. Elif trains this with a big vibrator in her ass, on which a tail moves with the vibration. She does it really well. But that can be done even better. The only thing missing is motivation. This motivation has to be awakened with spank and thus the slave has to be educated. And there is another reason. It has something to do with ass fuck. We will learn in the course of the video what the further reason is.

The spank punishment is ruthless and very painful. She has no way of warming up with a whip. From the beginning she is spanked with the cane. But since she is a decent and submissive slave, she is allowed to take a deep breath in between. She also needs that to endure the pain. The pain is increased with the riding crop, which finally brings her to her knees.

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