Lexa Humilation

Lexa’s Humilation

I’ve have never licked a floor before. But I did it because I felt the pain on my back from the backwhip punishment the day before. I cleaned the whole floor with my tongue, swallowed the dirt, licked the ash of his cigarette and his spit. Although I did my best and licked the soles of his shoes he punished me again because I didn’t make my job well enough.

Backwhip and Bastinado

Backwhip and Bastinado

MasterDaPain punishs his slave Sallenaz with backwhip and bastinado together. She isn’t really bound so she must control the pain. The humilation of the slave begins merciless and ends after 16 minutes full of beats on the naked back and naked soles. It’s too painful but Sallenaz is an educated slave who can take much pain.

Foot Torture

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Foot torture is more painful than torturing other areas of the body because soles of the feet are extremely sensitive to touch due to a high concentration of nerve endings. Needle torture and bastinado are extremely painful but good for female humilation.