Merciless Back Whip and Cane Punishment

Merciless Back Whip and Cane Punishment is a part of a corporal punishment BDSM session with Lexa and MasterDaPain. Lexa becomes more and more rebellious. She needs to be tamed by her Master. Lexa express her insubordination wearing in a t-shirt with the word BITCH on it and acting like a bitch.

MasterDaPain knows methods she can’t wearing in any t-shirt and becoming tame like a pussy cat. A good back whip with different whips and hard beats with a cane makes her a good slave. MasterDaPain punishs her merciless until her back is full of bloody weals and effusions of blood. Also her tirs get some beats. She becomes tame during the punishment but she has to take the unbelievable pain til the end although she is begging for mery, screaming and crying. 30 minutes of pure pain pave the way for the future of a good slave.

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