Lexa’s Extreme Spank

Video 1 – Lexa is a new slave of MasterDaPain. She wants to become a good slave but she made bad mistakes in her past. So she must know that her Master is merciless. He starts her education with an extreme spank session which will be continued and much more painful in future. This time he uses a beater, peeled and unpeeled cane. It’s horrible for Lexa receiving extreme painful beats on her naked ass. She isn`t allowed to scream or cry. It’s nearly impossible for Lexa to control herself but she has no choise. Her education in hell begins.

Video 2 – Lexa begs for mercy but her Master doesn’t stop. He punishs her with much more pain by using beater and 2 canes together. She has no other choise, she must learn to be a good slave. But it’s hard to learn under extreme pain. Her marks becomes dark red and bloody.

Video 3 – Finally she must take the pain without any bondage. Now she is standing because MasterDaPain wants to beat her top of the ass. He makes a warm up with the beater. Then Lexa has to take 30 strokes with the cane. Again it is forbidden to scream and cry. But this time she also has to control her whole body which is vibrating because of the severe pain. And she makes mistakes and this punishment doesn`t end just with 30 strokes.

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