slave Page

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slave Page and her Mistress are 2 lesbians in a BDSM relationship. D/s is their basement and slave Page needs a dominant education because she makes too much mistakes. Her Mistress humilates her until she learns to be a good horse, dog and slave. She learns to worhip and thank for everything. Page learns good with spank and punishment. So she is allowed to touch her Mistress and they live out their lesbian passion and Page is allowed to have orgasm.

Tanya in Distress

Tanya is kidnapped and in distress. She wants to get out of the bondage but she has no chance. Poor nasty girl who also needs some punishment.

Spank Me Please 2

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The spank education goes on and this time we can see the 2 wonderful ladies in their private BDSM session. It is full of erotic but also painful. Nevermind she likes the spank pain really.

Ania’s First Bondage

Ania makes her first experience with bondage and we think she likes it.


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